Which Star Signs Should Aquarius Date?

If you want to build a lasting relationship with an Aquarius, there are some important things that you need to know before you decide to pursue them. They are natural born rebels, and if you take one step too early, they will be gone from your life faster than you can wrap your head around it.

Not a lot of people will be comfortable with an Aquarius’ eccentricity and independence. But if you do decide to go out on a date with them, you will find that they can easily rock your world!

They don’t like mediocrity, so be ready to be intellectually challenged. They don’t like drama in their lives, and they are not afraid to chase after their dreams.

Aquarius value their alone time, so don’t be hurt if they say no to your invitations once in a while. They just enjoy being alone with their thoughts because they find it relaxing and refreshing.

Be supportive of their eccentricities, and be the warmth that they need in their lives. Once an Aquarius decides to open up to you, they will be fiercely loyal and completely devoted.


If you’re thinking of dating an Aquarius, you should be prepared to go on a date that’s a little eccentric than usual. You also need to be prepared for a night of intelligent discussion, because Aquarius men and women enjoy talking about anything under the sun!

Impress them with your knowledge, your wit, and your candour. If you’re big fans of the same things, you can really end up talking until the wee hours of the morning.

For the perfect Aquarius date idea, go to a play together, or watch a really good independent movie. Afterwards, find a nice little coffee shop or wine bar where you can talk some more and get to know each other better.

Aquarius men and women like attractive people. But if all you’ve got going for you are your good looks and hot body, they will quickly get bored and lose interest.

They will just write you off as good-looking but uninteresting and just move on to the next person that catches their attention. Nothing personal there, because this is just how they’re wired.

If you a have a pretty face, you should also be witty and smart, with a great sense of humour. If you want to be in a relationship with an Aquarius, you should truly enjoy intellectual exercises and creative pursuits and not just because you’re trying to get them to like you.

You should be able to convincingly answer their questions about pop culture, as well as world politics, and even the beginning of the universe. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to date an Aquarius, but you should be intelligent, clever, and amusing if you want them to remain interested in you.

Aquarius love all things beautiful, so you should at least be a fan of art, books, music, or film. It will be an added bonus if you are an artist, a writer, a designer, a filmmaker, or involved in anything creative and intellectual.

Aquarius like to be around people who share the same interests because this is what makes them feel most alive. This is what makes them feel the most creative, productive, and stimulated.

There should be more to you than just a hot body and movie star good looks. Aquarius will easily get past that perfect smile of yours, and they will quickly move on to someone new.

Aquarius are known for their intelligence, quirkiness, and loyalty. If you’re not ready to deal with these things on a daily basis, you’re better off with a different person with a different star sign.

But you will be passing up on a wonderful opportunity to be with one of the most terrific lovers in the world. Aquarius can be one of the warmest and most loyal lovers, and your life will certainly become more colourful and exciting with them in it.

If you want to be on an Aquarius’ good side, don’t be so wound up. Learn to let loose from time to time, but be smart and sensible about it, too.

Being bookish can turn them on, and so can being well-travelled. A Ph.D. will definitely also be impressive, but so will street smarts and plenty of life experience.

You just have to be a genuinely interesting person to keep an Aquarius person head over heels in love with you! If you already are, nothing can stop you now from having your happily ever after!

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Aquarius will get along and always have a great time with a Gemini or a Libra. This is because they share an objective and rational approach to life.

They are people oriented, and they value their freedom and independence very much. When an Aquarius gets together with a Libra or a Gemini, there will be no problems dealing with an Aquarius’ desire to be independent.

There will be a stimulating intellectual connection between an Aquarius and a Gemini. They are both in love with ideas, and they are both visionaries who want to make an impact on people and the world.

Aquarius and Gemini also have great energy together. They can easily come up with new ideas and turn them into reality.

They don’t like to waste time and will quickly spring into action. When their focus starts to waver, they can work together to regroup and deal with the matter at hand like a well-oiled machine.

Aquarius are progressive and determined to put their creative ideas to good use. Geminis are great conversationalists and thinkers who can lend the Aquarius in their lives a helping hand.

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They can help each other when one of them gets stuck, and a Gemini’s flexibility can work perfectly with an Aquarius. Because they are both air signs, their bond will be strong and genuine.

Aquarius will also be a perfect match with a Libra. They both have a lot of things in common, like their desire to be surrounded by friends and family, as well as their love for making new friends and expanding their social networks.

They are both freedom lovers, so having these two star signs together will be just the kind of relationship that works. They are committed but they are still their own person, and they can still enjoy a certain kind of freedom and independence.

Aquarius and Libra will have a harmonious and compatible relationship because of their calm and gregarious natures. They will understand one another’s quirkiness and moods.

They will never get bored with one another because they just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. In short, it will be a steady and smooth sailing relationship!


When it comes to Aquarius being in a relationship with another Aquarius, it really takes one to know one. It may feel weird at first to be in love with someone who thinks, feels, and acts like you, but it will definitely be a great and romantic kind of weird!

Other star signs think of Aquarius as very likeable and attractive. But they can also come off as aloof and closed off.

With another Aquarius, there will be no time to be misunderstood. Only another Aquarius will know what’s truly going on inside the heart and mind of an Aquarius.

Not only will they be in love with one another, they will also be each other’s best friend and intellectual partner. Their conversations will always be enjoyable and enriching, and they will not need ostentatious displays of love and affection just to make the other person feel loved.

For Aquarius couples, it’s not all about romance. What’s more important is that they have a mutual companionship, and that they only have eyes for one another.

They crave the quiet, smooth-sailing, and stable relationship that’s devoid of unnecessary drama. It’s a love that’s quiet and private, just the way you like it!

There will be less friction with an Aquarius relationship because they will allow the other person to do their own thing. There will be love and loyalty as long as the both of them are happy.


Out of all the star signs in the zodiac, Aquarius are least compatible with Taurus and Scorpio. Their personalities are far too different, and no one will be willing enough to change themselves just to make the other person happy.

It will be an exciting and interesting relationship with its fair share of love and happiness. But if you are planning on having something long-term, Aquarius should set their sights on other star signs instead.


Met an attractive and interesting Aquarius man lately? It will be good to know what makes him tick, and what you can do to get him alone since he’s always surrounded by people.

One way you can do that is to keep your air of mystery. Sure, let them know you’re interested, but let them peel your layers one by one on their own, and make sure that they like what they discover about you.

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Aquarius men don’t like needy and clingy women. If you want your relationship to last with an Aquarius man, give him a certain amount of space and freedom.

Don’t put a lot of pressure to do all things as a couple, because this is the quickest way you can make them pull away from you. They can be very romantic, loyal, and monogamous, but they need their independence, too.

Let them call the shots, and do your own thing even if you’re in a committed relationship. Don’t be the needy and clingy girlfriend who insists on going to every out of town trip, Sunday barbecue, or beer and movie night with the boys.

Aquarius men will be extremely committed, but they need to feel that they can still do what they want with their lives. They can be serious about you, but it can take some time before they will settle down with you.

If you can be comfortable with a live-apart arrangement even in a committed relationship, you will be a great match for an Aquarius man. As long as you can let your Aquarius man enjoy doing the things that he loves without feeling like they’re being shackled, the relationship will certainly flourish.

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