Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man

What do you get when you mix a sign based solidly on the earth with another sign that is based part on the earth and the air? You get issues of Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility.

As you have probably already heard, opposites attract. There is something about a relationship where two totally complete different people complementing completely each other. There’s a lot of romantic idealism surrounding this concept.

While part of this works in terms of Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility, there is more to the picture than that. For Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility to truly pan out, both partners should look at each other not just as people that complete each other but as something more.


The interesting thing about the Taurus man is that he is very easy to figure out. There’s really no mystery to him. Once you get a basic formula to the Taurus man, you can pretty much predict how he’s going to respond. He’s not very mysterious. There is a certain set pattern to him. This boils down to a very earth-centered and appearance-centered focus.

Taurus signs are very materialist signs. Remember there’s a big difference between being a materialist and being materialistic. A materialist is somebody who bases his conception, security, and confidence in the world based on what he can see in practical terms.

In other words, emotional and spiritual security have to be based on a solid physical foundation of having enough money, looking good, and being looked up to by the right people. Being a materialist is not necessarily bad.

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The Taurus is pretty much well-entrenched in this place. The Taurus looks at the world purely in materialist terms.

This is why a Taurus likes to not just look good for other people in terms of physical appearance as well as social stature, but also is looking for people that make him look good. This is one thing that Aquarius woman needs to wrap her mind around.

If you are looking to maximize Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility, you have to not just look good, but you also have to make him look good in social settings.


I will not fault you for thinking after you’ve read the past section above that there might be conflicts between an Aquarius woman and a Taurus man.

You would be absolutely right. If we were just going to look at things from a superficial level, the tendency of the Aquarius to be very idealistic, look beyond the surface and to prize emotional authenticity might seem to run head-on against the Taurus preference for surface appearances and material considerations.

They also prize the social stature aspect of all these.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact the Aquarius woman’s idealism and her taste for art, culture, literature, and emotional truths are very attractive to a mature Taurus man.

The mature Taurus man knows that he is limited. The mature Taurus man knows that at some level or other he cannot stay on a material level.

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He knows that the real definition of a good life and the perfect life is both material security as well as emotional and spiritual fulfillment and finds the Aquarius woman’s idealism along with the emotional components with that very attractive.

This level of attraction is not just in his eyes but, from a purely Taurus perspective, in the eyes of others. In other words, the Taurus man doesn’t just look at the Aquarius woman as being attractive in her own right but also being attractive socially becase she adds something to him. This might seem selfish. This might seem self-centered. But hey, that’s the reality of the Taurus man.

The good news is that they can be very kind. They can be very loving. They can be very attentive and thoughtful, but that’s how they look at the world. The big opportunity here is for the Aquarius idealism to temper the mature Taurus man so to maximize Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility. This is the same effect that happens when you match an Aquarius with a Sagittarius sign in a romantic relationship.

The biggest danger to Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility on the other hand is when the Aquarius really insists on a high degree of idealism, emotional truths, and authenticity in the relationship.

This can basically drive the Taurus partner out. It may be too much too soon.

The best situation is when both partners basically let each other learn from each others example and mature towards the center. This doesn’t mean that you’re compromising. This doesn’t mean you’re letting go of certain parts of your personality.

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What this does mean is that you’re growing together instead of growing apart. You have to look at Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility from this perspective to get a clear understanding of what you both partners need to do to develop a relationship that can withstand the test of time.


One key warning to the Taurus man is that you shouldn’t look at your Aquarius woman as an accessory. In other words, just because she makes you look good, because she’s cultured, she’s intelligent, and she seems emotionally in touch doesn’t mean that she is dispensable.

In other words, there is no such thing as a disposable partner. She is valuable in her own right because she can help you grow. She can help you reach that mental, emotional, and spiritual space you need to reach so you can live your life to its fullest potential.

The secret to Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility is for the Taurus man to stop looking at his Aquarius partner as dispensable.

Similarly, the Aquarius woman should not look at her Taurus male partner as an ATM card. You both have to work together to make an Aquarius woman and Taurus man love compatibility live up to its fullest potential

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